BI Team
2012 – 2014 

Client Objectives
  • Provides an exciting, dynamic and effective team development for competing teams
  • Builds the company’s brand and image as progressive, people-focused and ambitious
  • Provides a spectacle for the company’s employees and friends to see
  • Creates a sense of belonging and identity for the company
  • A multi-faceted event which challenges participants both physically and mentally over two action-packed and demanding days
  • Morale-boosting, testing and exhilarating; it’s about being a part of a positive team environment
Red Rock International’s Solution
Each year BI Group holds a celebration to reward employees, engage them in the company vision and build relationships thought the company and its subsidiaries.

We were asked to create the focal point of this celebration by designing and delivering a 5-stage event over two days that would be highly engaging for both the participants and 1,500+ spectators who watched the final stage.

The 2014 challenge was highly competitive and packed with teams pushing themselves harder than ever in stages based around the achievements and services of the company.
  • Teams from across BI Group business units were united, including a team from Moscow who flew in especially
  • Built awareness of the breadth of projects accomplished and in progress across the company
  • Great engagement from the teams made for a highly competitive and exhilarating event
  • Many of the competitors talked about how they achieved more than they expected by pushing through and completing the challenge