BG Energy Challenge
2006 – 2013

Client Objectives

BG Group had previously run Energy Challenge events in the UK and wished to introduce the challenge to Kazakhstan with the following objectives:

  • To position BG as a central player in the Kazakh energy industry placing them alongside the largest energy companies
  • To contribute towards needs in the local community
  • To bring together the energy industry for networking
  • To develop visibility and relationship with government stakeholders
  • To develop the BG Kazakhstan Astana team
Red Rock International’s Solution

When the challenge began in 2006, Red Rock International operated as a specialist consultant for the challenge design and operation. Over the years, Red Rock International’s involvement grew to include a much more ‘hands-on’ role in design, preparation and delivery.
We worked hand in hand with BG Kazakhstan to co-deliver the event – a successful partnership which lasted for seven years. The close working relationship and flexibility allowed RRI to accommodate some unusual requests such as theming one challenge stage around each competitor wearing a fruit costume. These were produced by a social enterprise linked to the charity recipient: the Astana Disabled Children’s Society.

The challenge evolved over the years with increasing strategy and ingenuity in the design to challenge teams who were keen to return year after year. Some of the challenge themes included:
 – Protecting Kazakhstan’s water resources
 – Oil and gas exploration and extraction
 – Energy efficiency and alternative energy

Build projects were a successful feature of the challenges and our designers stretched themselves to create new concepts each year. These included oil pumps, electricity generators, a tent made from plastic sheets and water pipe (which was recycled into a catamaran) and the famous bike-boat.

  • BG Kazakhstan’s profile was raised in the industry and with government stakeholders
  • The BG Energy Challenge became established as the industry’s leading networking and team development event
  • Widespread TV and media coverage of the event including in-depth pieces by members of the press team which competed each year

“Red Rock International have been excellent partners with us in delivering the BG Energy Challenge since 2006. This fun, challenging and exciting event brings together the energy industry in Kazakhstan.”

Nigel Gould-Davies, Vice President, Policy and Corporate Affairs, Central Asia at BG Group